Management (executive), team & project coaching

Based on our own executive, entrepreneurial and management experience, we understand the different roles and situations of a director or manager.

With knowledge of these experiences and its dilemmas, we act as a sounding board and sparring partner. As an executive coach, we support you to further develop your personal and professional leadership skills and your effectiveness as a leader. Working methods are 1 on 1 interviews and on the job coaching.

In team & project coaching, we help and learn teams and individuals to focus on results and achieving goals. Focus is on cooperation, interaction and working in line with each other.

In line with strategy implementation we can set up a Focused Result Delivery trajectory where selected individuals are grouped together to deliver on specific strategic challenges. A certain timeframe (90 or 100 days) is chosen to provide a condensed timeframe to create focus and team spirit. During this program the aspired cultural support for the revised strategy is being piloted and space is created to build individual leadership skills.