What and how?

In order to achieve solid solutions often (new) forms of co-operation are required. This demands effective communication between multiple stakeholders. Very often the key is found in the establishment of proper connections and building shared vision. Aversandi can help you here.

We take you through common issues and co-design a change journey. We help organizations and their people to successfully change very pragmatically: business and people-oriented.

Our services

  • Vision and strategy development
  • Change Management: Implementation and support
  • Management consultancy, organizational advice
  • Interim Management
  • Management (executive) and team coaching
  • Education and training (customized) focused on personal leadership, coaching for performance and creating winning teams


We do not take over your responsibility. We facilitate and motivate you and your employees, so that you can solve the problems together.


Each issue has a hard and soft, behavioural side. In our vision hard business goals (strategy, structures, systems, processes) can only be achieved by investing in the 'soft' behavioural side (culture, cooperation, leadership and personal action). That is why we give both the hard and soft aspects of business behaviour focused attention in our approach.